Why Chip and Crack?

A Windshield replacement can cost anywhere between ₹ 9000/- and ₹ 80,000/- or higher depending upon the make and model of the car, but a Chip And Crack Certified windshield repair technician can repair chips,nicks and cracks for a fraction of the cost of replacement.
Benefits of Windshield Repair
The concept of going green is spreading across the world with industries and consumers opting for more environmental friendly options. “Chip and Crack” repair technique,tool and raw material adopted from the United States is environment friendly, eliminates costly replacements by retaining the original factory fitted windshield which fetches more resale value, enhances appearance.
  • Restores Structural Integrity of the glass
  • 99.9% success rate
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Cost effective
  • Fast. usually a windshield repair takes 15- 30 minutes
  • Environmental friendly
  • Retains the factory fitted glass

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