About "Chip and Crack"

Chip And Crack is a young and new company which is a part of St.Antonys Diesel Auto Works having previous experiences in the automotive field over 40 years in terms of service and market leader in manufacturing of Cargo Containers and Service in Bangalore.

Chip And Crack is a company which strives for a better world by minimising the dumping of the windshield which can be repaired, as the glass cannot be recycled.

So when we say we repair we mean repair and do not encourage in replacement.

Chip and Crack has adopted the Technology from Delta Kits Inc. U.S.A, all the tools, equipments and supplies are directly from the United states, Delta Kits is the market leader from 25 years in the field of Windshield Repairs in the US.

Chip and Crack is the Sole Super Distributor In India For the Sales of the Equipments.

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